Technology is good for my generation I was born in 1970, so I’ve seen the best that technology has so far. I’ve seen the creation of the video game industry I’ve seen the introduction of the cell phone. I’ve also seen the introduction and domination of the internet! Now this domination is not stopping anytime soon! It’s just going to get bigger But with the introduction of the Internet, everything that we did was adapted to it. Including porn!

The porn industry is kind of like that redhead that sits in the corner of a very exclusive party. No one will admission it, but almost every man in the room wants her! With that being said, pornography is a billon dollar business! BILLION with a capital “B”! Now I know that almost everyone denounces it publicly But for it to get a billion dollars business, someone must be watching it! avpockie

Therein lies the problem Pornography has grown alongside the internet In the beginning it was confined to that dimly lit theater in that bad part of town. But now with the power and availability of the Internet With every computer you buy, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, Apple or PC. More access to porn

Of course the Congress of the United States saw this coming and tried to do something about it ’90s. But they were shut down subsequently and now we have porn everywhere on the internet But an interesting story came out of that High court battle The highest court in the land decided that porn will be filtered or blocked from all schools and libraries. Anyplace in the public where a child can get exposed to it But for the private citizen, the Supreme Court ruled that it was the parent’s responsibility to block it from their own homes.

Did you hear what I said? The Supreme Court of the United States decided that it is a parent’s responsibility to block the privacy of your own home! So you know what that means right? That means that you are a parent!

Personally I think that a porn blocker should be installed on EVERY computer sold in the world just like a virus blocker! But, hey … it’s not up to me! It’s up to YOU, the parent! The Internet has grown exponentially since its introduction. It’s a good bet that online pornography will as well. If you’re a responsible parent and you are the easy availability of internet porn, then it’s time to do something about it! Your child’s innocence is at risk!

So … why do we need porn blockers []? Because our children can not afford to pay the price! That’s why! The porn industry is doing everything in it’s power to put as many eyes on it’s “product”. Do not let your kids be the next victim!